The Mariner’s Cove Homeowners Association is managed by Omni Community Association Managers company based in Grove City, Ohio. The organization takes care of finances, notices and fee collection.

Mariner’s Cove uses the monies collected from annual dues to improve the facilities within the neighborhood, such as lighting, landscaping, signage and sponsoring events.

Documents listed on this page require Adobe Acrobat.

MCHA by-laws:

Approved 3-14-11 Mariner’s Cove HOA By-Laws_3-14-11

Property Deed Restrictions:

The documents below are organized by lot number. If you don’t know your lot number, you can go to Delaware County Auditors Office Website then click on: Property search, then Owner or Address. Enter your name or address per the instructions to display your property listing. Your lot number is show under the section “Legal Description”, after “Lot MC-“. For example, Lot MC-1 signifies lot #1, so the first file below would be applicable.

Deed Restrictions – Lots 1 through 90 (10 pages, 1MB)
Deed Restrictions – Lots 91 through 138 (11 pages, 1MB)
Deed Restrictions – Lots 139 through 164 (12 pages, 1MB)
Deed Restrictions – Lots 165 through 202 (12 pages, 832kb)
Deed Restrictions – Lots 203 through 254 (10 pages, 890kb)
Deed Restrictions – Lots 255 through 296 (10 pages, 920kb)
Deed Restrictions – Lots 296 through 301 (9 pages, 890kb)

Property Improvements

Property improvements need to be submitted to the Design Control Committee for prior approval. To obtain an application, please visit the Omni website. There is no fee for this process and all applications are to be submitted to Omni. Applications are then forwarded to your Board of Trustees for approval.  Any questions you have for this process, please contact Amy Thompson at athompson@omnihoa.com or by calling the Omni Help Desk
at 1-877-405-1089.